How do I keep a high GPA?

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Maintaining a high GPA is not always easy; and if you start with a low average at the beginning of the program, it will be much harder to raise the average later (thanks, math). However, on the other hand, if you continue to exceed your courses and you fail the 3rd year with a score lower than average, your GPA will not be seriously harmed. So we would often recommend - especially for first-time college students - to take entry classes, making it easier to start your degree program, in the first year, for you. have a chance to start with a higher GPA.

The following 5 ways will help you get maintain a high GPA:

1. Go to class.
If you are on campus or online, it is important to make time for your classes. Do not let any excuse keep you from going to class.
2. Get organized.
Always know when your assignments and quizzes are due. Work ahead to keep yourself from ever getting behind. It is so easy to get behind, but so hard to get caught back up. Things you should organize include: class schedules, notes, study time, reading assignments, and handouts.
3. Get some sleep.
Although it’s good to spend a fair amount of time studying before a test, it is just as important to get enough sleep. Sleep improves concentration, solidifies what you have learned and improves your ability to organize and recall information.
4. Ask about your grades.
Always ask about any grade that you are questioning. Be polite, and do not demand that the grade be changed. This will get you nowhere. Remember it is your responsibility to earn your grade and to fight for those extra points if you feel it is warranted.
5. Set a GPA goal and reward yourself.
It is important to set a realistic goal for each semester. Always set the bar high, but not so high that it can’t be attained. Reward yourself in some way for reaching the goal and then keep going!